Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF) is Georgia-Cumberland Conference’s ministry to Adventist students on public college and university campuses.


College is a major time of transition. Some Adventist students choose to attend a public institution for financial reasons. Others are seeking degrees in areas not offered at an Adventist school or wanting to do research with professors who are actively involved in the research arena. And there are students who have attended Adventist schools all their lives and are ready for a change. For these reasons and many more, ACF serves as a place of connection—connection with others of similar beliefs, connection with God, and connection with the community around them in a way that assimilates their faith into their everyday lives.


Our mission is to:

  • Build Christian fellowship chapters on non-Adventist campuses that honor God and nurture the spiritual lives of students.
  • Engage students in the mission of the Church through relational evangelism and Christ-like student fellowships.
  • Empower local ACF chapters, churches and sponsors through pastoral support, professional training and access to resources.