Volunteers Needed

On-site Registration Hosts  

  • Check people in when they arrive
  • Verify room assignments & cabin key holder
  • Hand out pre-paid t-shirts
  • Process new t-shirt payments
  • Hand out conference packets

We’ll need at least three people. They’ll need to arrive before 6:30pm.



Hospitality Hosts        

  • Look out for folks who are lost/have questions & help them
  • Reset general meeting/dining areas after each meeting/meal
  • Make sure presenters have what they need and are where they need to be

We’ll need at least four people.



Workshop Hosts

  • Provide water to workshop facilitator
  • Make sure facilitator has necessary workshop materials
  • Welcome students to workshop
  • Introduce the facilitator
  • Get workshop room/area back in order after each session (chairs in order, free of clutter, etc)

We’ll need five people.



Setup/Teardown Crew

  • Arrive early to help set up the site (between 1 and 3pm, Friday). This will include setting up tables & chairs along with other materials needed in various areas of the lodge. (Times on this may change.)
  • Place schedules and other details in each cabin and chalet
  • Stay a little late to help take everything down and ensure all cabins/chalets are clear, keys turned in. (Will be done by 11am, Sunday.)

We’ll need at least five people.



Game Night Organizer 

  • Map out one or two large group games ahead of time (number of games will depend on time they take up)
  • Facilitate large group game(s) in the lodge
  • Find the best people to lead out in smaller group games after large group game is over
  • Provide a few card/board game options (ACF organizers can help…just ask)

We’ll need one person.



Social Media Updater 

  • Take pictures throughout the weekend
  • Upload to ACF platforms: IG, Facebook, Twitter

We’ll need one or two people.