No More “I Can’t”

Do you find yourself making excuses a lot? Perhaps you even have a really well thought out rationale for why you can’t do something. And maybe you’ve recited it so often that you actually believe it. “I can’t do X because of Y.”

Stop that!
Okay. I’ll try to be more gentle. Stop it now!!
Really though, let’s check out the root of your “I can’t.” Fear? Lack of commitment? Laziness? Only you and God can figure out the root and once you give Him permission to work it out, be ready to be transformed. It won’t be an overnight process. It will be worth it. Excuses are no good. Growth is. 
And as a student, your opportunity to share God’s love grows exponentially when your excuses decrease. 

These periodic posts serve to encourage and challenge ACF students in their college journey. Unless otherwise noted, they’re written by Michaela Lawrence Jeffery, ACF director for Georgia-Cumberland Conference.