Reimbursement Guide

The purpose of this financial support is twofold:

  1. To minister to those who are part of your ACF chapter
  2. To minister to those on your wider college/university campus


ACF-GCC will financially support the following:


On-campus initiatives*

  • Bible studies**
    • Books used for study
    • On-campus advertising


  • Outreach/Community Service (this can be off campus as long as it primarily utilizes ACF chapter participants)
    • Supplies
    • On-campus advertising


  • Socials
    • Food
    • On-campus advertising


  • Worship services
    • Site reservation (if cost is involved)
    • On-campus advertising


  • Health initiatives
    • Site reservation (if cost is involved)
    • On-campus advertising


All activities for which funding is requested must fit within the vision & mission of the Georgia-Cumberland Conference and ACF-GCC. At this time, we won’t be able to sponsor cross-chapter activities unless they take place on one of your campuses and are outreach focused.

Reimbursement is ONLY for students who pay for your on-campus initiatives. So if your sponsor/advisor takes you out to eat or if a local pastor feeds you, that’s their gift to you and it will not get reimbursed.
Send original receipts in twice a month if possible, instead of weekly. Clearly mark (on the original receipt or in an attached letter) what the money was used for.

Also send the name and mailing address of the person who the reimbursement check should be sent to. If several people paid for things, we will send the total reimbursement to one person who will then be responsible for distributing the funds to the others.

ORIGINAL receipts should be mailed to:

Adventist Christian Fellowship
1918 Terrace Ave
Knoxville, TN 37916

*If the initiative is already listed above, simply send in original receipts—no need to check first.

**ACF-GCC highly recommends that someone well trained lead prophecy studies. Students shouldn’t feel pressure to handle these topics on their own. ACF-GCC can recommend people in your area who can speak on prophecy.

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