Campus Weekend

Damisi_small sizeThis Q&A session is with Damisi Fawole,
ACF event coordinator at UGA.

Read. Enjoy. Learn. Implement.


Why have a Campus Weekend?

Campus Weekends are a great way to connect as an ACF family. Some people don’t want to ask for rides to church because they feel like they’re bothering other people, or some people don’t want to take time out of studying or whatever else they’re doing to go to church. When church is on campus, it’s more accessible to people (especially Freshmen, and others living on campus). It’s also an easy way to invite friends (either Adventist or non-Adventist), and they can get a taste of our worship.


It’s also a great time to invite family members to come and meet the rest of ACF and see what you’ve been involved in. The potluck time serves as a fellowship time, and it’s always received well because who doesn’t love food?? And then the social event that night brings everything together because we can sing together, pray together, worship together, and play/socialize together! It’s definitely a great way to get closer as a group because we basically spend the whole of Saturday together.

What’s a basic schedule for the day?

We keep it pretty simple:
• Sabbath School @ 10AM
• Divine Worship @ 11AM
• Potluck following Divine Worship
• Social Activity that evening


Who does the planning for a Campus Weekend and what does it entail?

The Exec Board does the planning. Here’s what it looks like:

  • Map out the Campus Weekend dates for that semester (one a month for each month excluding August, December and May
  • Take into consideration home football games during Fall season (we try not to have it on those days), and holiday weekends
  • Reserve rooms on campus for those date
  • Look for speakers (either from outside our ACF chapter or within). If we can’t find speakers, then we usually do discussion-based messages with members of the exec board leading out in each group
  • Discuss possible themes for discussions, if we do them 


How do other ACF members get involved?

On the Tuesday before every Campus Weekend during Bible study:

  • We put the program on the board and allow people to fill in any spot
    • Spots include:
      • Sabbath School–the person can choose to lead in whatever way they want, usually having audience members read verses and posing questions that we answer in discussion form. The leader has things they’ve already prepared for us to think about that they’ve studied throughout the week.
      • Welcome
      • Opening Prayer
      • Song Service
      • Praise and Prayer Requests
      • Special Music/Other Performance
      • Scripture
      • Message
      • Closing Prayer
    • We also have people sign up to bring a dish for the potluck
    • The event coordinator presents options for our social activity and as a group we choose what we want to do.
    • We arrange rides to campus weekend for those who need them, and we discuss rides to the social event as well.


How much does a Campus Weekend cost you as an organization?

Well, everyone pays for their potluck dishes on their own, and we get a room reserved on campus for free because we are a registered organization. Additionally, depending on the social activity, everyone pays for themselves if there is a fee. So it doesn’t cost the organization much to put on Campus Weekend.

What’s the hardest part of the planning process?

Getting people to commit, whether that’s to bringing a dish for potluck or filling in the spots for the service. Finding a speaker can be hard as well.

It’s sometimes easy to think unrealistically about an activity and try to accomplish too much. What is Campus Weekend not? What are you not trying to accomplish?

Campus Weekend is not a complicated thing, and it is not a concert or some kind of show that we use to entertain. It’s simply a service on campus that the students are in charge of from beginning to end.

What are one or two invaluable lessons you’ve learned as you’ve planned these weekends?

Corporate fellowship is a beautiful thing, especially when it combines worship, food and fun all at the same time. It’s awesome to see people come out of their shells and get to know one another better in a more relaxed setting.

Anything else you want to add?

I would definitely recommend something like this to other ACF chapters if you aren’t doing it already. It provides yet another opportunity for you to grow together as a group and ultimately become more of a family.

IMG364050336 From the March 2016 Campus Weekend