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Bible Studies

The Journey Series

This series is written with public campus students in mind! 
You'll notic the attention given to your student experience.

Come and See (Book of John)

Greater Things (Book of Matthew)


How To's

Getting Started

Thinking about starting an ACF chapter on your campus? Here are 7 steps. (more…)

Interfaith Dialogue

Principles Don’t force it. Establish common ground. Affirm them for how you see God using them. Affirm that the choices you have made regarding the belief, practice, mission, and message of the Adventist Church are based on the central fact…

Campus Weekend

This Q&A session is with Damisi Fawole, ACF event coordinator at UGA. Read. Enjoy. Learn. Implement.   Why have a Campus Weekend? Campus Weekends are a great way to connect as an ACF family. Some people don't want to ask…

Bible Study Basics

Here are 10 points to help you effectively plan and give Bible studies.   A Bible study should: Be a study of the Bible—not a study of another book or other resource. Those are fine. But if they are the…

Calling Adventist Faculty & Staff!

Do you work on a public campus? Would you be willing to serve our students in an advisory role? We don't even need research to show that ACF chapters thrive when they have the consistent support of a faculty or…

Reimbursement Guide

The purpose of this financial support is twofold: To minister to those who are part of your ACF chapter To minister to those on your wider college/university campus   ACF-GCC will financially support the following: (more…)

Interpreting Ellen G. White's Writings

Here are some very helpful principles. Reading them for yourself and then reading and discussing them with others is probably an effective plan. That way you've already rustled up your own questions on the principles and can engage in more fruitful dialogue. 


Neither these principles, nor the writings of Ellen G. White are to replace Bible study. Where relevant, they can accompany Bible study. But all Bible studis should be first and foremost a study of the Bible as we've come to know it via 66 books from Genesis to Revelation.