It’s easy to hit that wall, that block, that space of “I have no clue what to do next.” And while I’m not a fan of “just pray” advice, I resonate with the words “call on Jesus” in a real way. One writer talks about simply praying, “Help!” when the precise words are far from your lips and desperation abounds. Help! says more than we can ever imagine when spoken honestly. 

I’ve found myself in that space today, unsure of my next steps and certain that I can’t figure this out on my own. There’s so much to process and never enough energy, let alone time. If I could, I’d stay up till 2am filling every minute with items on my list. 
He heard me and in the silence, I felt that odd reassurance–odd because it makes sense to be stressed out, not to be calm. “My peace I give…now go exercise.”
I know, that’s not the actual Bibke verse. That is, however, what I sense is my best next step. And I plan to follow it up with sleep. While I could try to push through until 2am, my thoughts will be much clearer at 5:30. Here’s to a more reasonable morning and here’s to a gracious God who speaks clearly. 

These periodic posts serve to encourage and challenge ACF students in their college journey. Unless otherwise noted, they’re written by Michaela Lawrence Jeffery, ACF director for Georgia-Cumberland Conference.