Know Your Campus

How well do you know your campus?

It’s important to know the culture of your campus. If you’re at a commuter school, students will probably head home after their last class instead of sticking around for another activity. If you’re at a dorm-based school, students will probably schedule group meetings at 9pm so an evening gathering will work more easily for your ACF chapter. Does this mean you shouldn’t bother to organize Bible studies and social activities if you’re on a commuter campus? NO! It does mean you have to be a lot more intentional in your planning and set more realistic expectations, especially if your ACF chapter is brand new or in transition.

Does your campus have a ton of other Christian organizations? Maybe. Maybe not. But getting to know the other ministries is invaluable. You become more aware of various initiatives that your ACF group can join and you get a better sense of what’s working and what’s not as other ministries also strive to impact the campus for Christ. 

Are you aware of your school’s programming, guest lecturers, art gallery shows, special celebrations? Take a moment to check the calendar this week. Pick a future event and attend with a few friends.

Lastly, how are you serving your campus? Yes, your “to do” list is incredibly long and your professors are demanding but are you taking a little time to let your campus feel your love for Christ? There are many low-threat ways to serve your campus. Bake some cookies and hand them out. Write notes of encouragement and drop them off randomly in library carrels. You don’t even have to leave your name or say you’re with ACF—just find a simple way to be kind.


Courage for the journey!