Event Planning

Here are a few ideas on what to think through when planning an event.


  • What’s the purpose?

  • Who’s the audience?

  • Does this date work? (for the audience)

  • Does this time work? (for the audience)

  • How much money do we need?

  • Does it require an RSVP?

  • Is lodging or transport needed (and will it cost)?

  • Is there a fee?


  • Will there be food?

  • If so, what kind? 

  • Any dietary concerns?

  • Other resources…(games, tables, chairs…)


  • GroupMe

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Texting

  • Email

  • Word of mouth

People to Help

  • Setup

  • Cleanup

  • Spreading the word

  • Speakers/Presenters

Reflection Time

  • What worked?

  • What didn’t work?

  • Should we do it again?

  • How can next time be better? 

Saying Thank You

  • Send cards/emails to those who helped


  • Where meaningful, share a short written or verbal report and include high-res pics!